Sash timber windows are a great addition to your property, thanks to their elegant design and top-class aesthetics. If you are looking for ideas for a renovation or new construction project, then you might want to consider sash timber windows for your property’s window style. At Bailey Hague Joinery, we supply bespoke sash timber windows in Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

What are Sash Windows?

A sash window is one that is installed with at least one movable panel, popularly known as a sash. The sashes used form a frame whose function is to hold the glass panes often separated from other panes on the same window. The number of glass panes used depend on the age or era of the sash window; some popular types include the Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian eras.

These kinds of windows do not open on a hinge. Instead, sashes are installed in a way that they vertically lean on each other, one behind and the other at the front. Through lead counterweights, the formed frame or sashes slide side to side when opening or closing the window. Typically, the traditional sash window design does not swing externally. However, contemporary designs have incorporated an in-and-out tilt style that allows for easy cleaning.

Types of Sash Windows

These windows are categorised into 3 primary classes based on the era in which they originate.

Georgian Window

The Georgian window features a 6 over 6 double-hung design. This means that there are two rows of three panels each in a 6-light sash. The design also introduces small glass panes that are separated by several glazing bars.

Victorian Window

The Victorian era favours the 2 over 2 grid design. The design incorporates one large glass pane, with the smaller sashes featuring on upper rooms and larger ones on the ground floor.

Edwardian Window

The Edwardian window features a 6 over 2 design, with a multi-pane approach for its sashes. This includes having a single glass pane on the lower sash, and multiple panes on the upper frame.

Benefits of Installing Sash Timber Windows in Your Property

Here is why you should consider having these types of windows in your property.


One of the reasons why these windows continue to gain popularity in York and across the UK is their aesthetic appeal. Timber window frames beautiful, eye-catching, and you can use them to add value to your property. Additionally, timber frames can be customised to suit your needs by carving, staining, or painting. Again, having these windows might be a basic requirement for your house, especially if you live in a listed property.

Structural Integrity

When choosing the type of window to install in a home, security is always at the top of most homeowner’s priorities. When it comes to safety, timber is a great choice, thanks to its structural integrity. Timber constitutes strong fibres and natural cellulose that enhance its strength and durability. The material can withstand the ever-changing climatic conditions in the UK.

Environmental Friendliness

Timber is probably the most eco-friendly material you would have to use for your window system. Timber requires minimal energy to process, produce, and transport. On the other hand, timber is a highly durable material. It would, therefore, take you a relatively long time to replace your window. Furthermore, the use of timber can be extended through reuse or recycling, especially if you choose to replace your window before the end of its lifespan.

Natural Insulation

If you are looking for a way to minimise energy usage in your home, sash timber windows are one way to achieve this goal. Timber is a natural insulator. This means that you can have your home retain optimum temperatures during both winter and summer. Timber as a natural insulator is particularly helpful during winters, as its insulation properties help you maintain a low budget on your energy bill.

Enhanced Ventilation

The sliding glass panes in this type of window go a long way in enhancing your home’s ventilation. A window with two sliding sashes at the top and bottom creates a conventional flow of cool airwaves that are perfect for your house during summer.

Sash Timber Windows York

At Bailey Hague Joinery, we have experience in manufacturing bespoke sash timber windows. Our specialist services include fitting and designing products that fit your style and budget needs. We are the affordable sash-timber producers, suppliers, and restoration experts throughout Yorkshire and the UK.

We also design and offer these windows in a vast range of configurations, designs, and styles. Create an aesthetic feel and look in your home by procuring our sash windows and specialist services. Each set of our timber windows is crafted using a mix of both contemporary and traditional styling techniques.

Whether you are renovating a Georgian house, an Edwardian property, or a Victorian cottage, there is always a sash window style suitable for your home. Customise your wooden sash windows through design specifications of your choice, including glazing styles, ironmongery, wood stains, or pastel colours.

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