Invest in Accoya Sash Windows

There is nothing quite like the look of and feel of window frames that are constructed from natural materials like wood. Of course, timber is a traditional material that has been used to make windows for centuries. As such, it looks superb in older properties where the use of such traditional materials will be in keeping with the look of the building. In such cases, sash windows made from wood are often the very best option you could go for because of the architecturally pleasing appearance they will afford. So, if you are thinking about replacing your current windows – or even looking for a superb choice for a new build project – then why would you turn to a bespoke manufacturer of high-quality timber sash windows? Read on to find out.

To begin with, we can provide you with some exceptionally competitive pricing when it comes to a new set of bespoke timber sash windows. Although wooden frames are often seen as a higher cost option than other materials – in particular, UPVC – they are not as expensive as you might think. Certainly, if your home is in a conservation area, then choosing wooden frames for your sash windows may well be the most cost-effective option depending on the materials you may be restricted to using. We can provide you with a comprehensive quotation for the construction of individually tailored sash windows that will look good in any setting for many, many years to come.

This leads on to another point about bespoke sash windows that is well worth mentioning. Wooden window frames sometimes have the unjust reputation for not being as long-lasting as other materials. Of course, timber sash frames do need to be painted once in a while to keep them in mint condition but this does not mean that they will offer a reduced life cycle compared to other types of frames. Our bespoke timber frames are designed to make perfect seals against the aperture of your current windows so they will last for a very long time indeed without any problems whatsoever. They are supplied in a state that means you won’t have to do anything to maintain them for several years, either. So long as they are looked after as they age, they will offer a favourable long-term return for the initial sum invested in them.

Advantages of Sash Windows

When you consider the other advantages of sash windows, it become easier to understand just how a bespoke set for your property can help to add value, too. Would-be buyers often prefer them to other sorts of fenestration unit which means you should never consider the outlay required for a set to be anything other than an investment. For example, traditional sash windows raise up and down very easily which means that virtually no effort is required to open and close them. This is in start contrast to louvred and other window types which can be awkward for some people with reduced mobility or hand strength to operate. Many people like this aspect of their design.

Furthermore, when sash windows are closed, they can be locked in place very firmly, trapping the lower frame such that it cannot possibly be forced open from the outside. Indeed, sash fenestration units are often considered to be the most secure sort of all, something that is a big thing to keep in mind if you are worried about the potential for intruders. Remember that is possible to partially open a sash window to aerate your home while still denying access to anyone thinking about crawling through. In other words, you get the best of both worlds – the ability to ventilate your home while keeping it fully secure.

Of course, bespoke sash windows can be made to virtually any size and shape you want these days, too. Because everything we produce is made to measure, you can even have sash windows fitted in non-rectangular shapes, such as arches, for example. Whatever you need, our design team will be able to accommodate your plans. This is the case whether you want single-glazed or double-glazed units for your home. We can even discuss triple-glazing if you want, as well, something that will mean you get even lower amounts of noise ingress from outdoors. Whether you opt for double or triple-glazing, they will also help to reduce your energy costs. Many people find they can reduce their heating bills by as much as 40 per cent if they fit bespoke and quality-made timber sash windows.

Design, manufacturing processes and installation from Bailey Hague

Of course, sash windows look elegant as well as being very practical options. When you have them made to measure for your home, you can also be assured of very exacting quality standards, too. This is the case with every aspect of their design, manufacturing processes and installation. Everything from the window seals to the jointing work in the timber itself will be thought about and produced with the highest levels of quality control. That’s why we are able to offer an enviable guarantee with all of our products, something that should give you complete peace of mind when you buy.

Finally, it is a good idea to choose bespoke timber sash windows when you are also opting for other high-quality products around your home. If you have chosen a quality wooden front door or a pair of stylish French doors, for example, then fitting plastic windows next to them will always look like a compromise. Bespoke timber sash windows, on the other hand, will give your property all of the elegance it deserves.